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Quality, Integrity and Information for cannabis and cannabis products

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Global cannabis certification

Vericann® is a global leader in independent cannabis product certification which has partnered with leading cannabis analysis laboratories to provide a centralised quality certification framework for cultivators and growers, oil and related product manufacturers, authorities and end users.

Vericann® certifies cannabis oils, extracts and raw plant material to ensure the quality of the end user products, provide independent review of cannabis product quality and verify cannabis source material or API. This certification is provided based on verified laboratory analysis by Vericann® accredited laboratories or through the Vericann® laboratory certification recognition program.

Vericann® uses cutting edge blockchain based technology to record the unique Vericann® ID properties and retain an immutable record which is verifiable and cannot be changed.  Whether it is medicinal marijuana, salve, balm, CBD oil, edible products or just recreational cannabis, where you see the Vericann® Certified Product logo and hologram, you can be assured of quality beyond any doubt.

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Have your cannabis crops certified and verified by Vericann® accredited laboratories and receive a globally recognised quality certification ID for your product. This unique code uses the batch specific traits of your crop to generate a unique fingerprint  which is then stored on a public blockchain providing accessibility, transparency and traceability and confirmation of quality.

Vericann® certifies that your products meet the TGA Order 93 quality requirements in Australia, one of the highest public cannabis testing benchmarks in the world and provides a batch specific identity for your crop ensuring that it is traceable and trackable globally.

Vericann® also can provide you with a secure, individually numbered holographic seal which identifies your product instantly to consumers as having met strict quality guidelines, both enhancing your branding and market position and adding value to your cannabis products.


Quality of cannabis product is paramount and having a Vericann® certified product identifies your product as quality in terms of manufacturing process and end product. Get the double seal quality certification when you use Vericann® certified cannabis as source material for your products so you can verify your supply chain quality from germination to end use product.

Vericann® also can provide you with a secure, individually numbered holographic seal which identifies your product instantly to consumers as having met strict quality guidelines.

Analysts and laboratories

Being a Vericann® accredited laboratory provides you with a unique opportunity to support one of the worlds fastest growing industries.  Your accreditation provides access to cultivators, manufacturers and new business generation.

Any lab wishing to substantially grow in this market needs to have both the quality framework and verification procedures in place to grow. Vericann® provides that certainty and consultancy advice on hardware and testing procedures to ensure you can provide the best service to your customers.

Vericann® not only provides a lab with direct links to cultivators and manufacturers of cannabis products, it facilitates inter laboratory testing and quality control mechanisms providing local, national and international linkages with cannabis labs. Vericann® also will help your lab meet the strict quality control guidance regimes specific to your territory and provide advice on analytical methods, analytical machinery and hardware and sourcing of quality reference materials.

End users

Not sure where your cannabis has come from? Look for the Vericann® Certified Product holographic identity or Vericann Certified Product Logo with unique serial number on your product and use the code shown to trace the origin of your product. Registered users of our site can use our reporting system to report possible adulteration or quality issues, or contact one of our Vericann® accredited labs about an end user testing service.

When you purchase a Vericann® Certified Product, you can be certain that it has been tested to the highest quality standards available and you can use your product with confidence.

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Uncertain where a batch of material has come from? Use the Vericann® Certified Product ID to identify source, or use our trusted Vericann® accredited labs to test product to verify source material or add to the cannabis profile database. Speak to a consultant about how we can assist.


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