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Getting access to batch tested quality information is a hugely important part of understanding cannabis products.  The side of the box or bottle can be a place to start for may people but aside from the mandated labelling, where this exists, there is no way to get specific batch information.

Unless your cannabis product carries a Vericann™ Certified Product holoserial. On the product, the holoserial carries a unique serial number which identifies your specific product and specific batch. You know that you can trust the information because only certificates issued by Vericann™ Approved Laboratories or certificates verified through the Vericann Mutual Certification Recognition Program can have holoserials assigned to products.

The Vericann™ Approved Laboratory or a Laboratory with appropriate testing accreditation (such as ISO 17025) carries out all necessary testing according to local testing requirements and will issue a batch certificate containing all the relevant batch identification, constituent information, and quality conformity information.

There are two ways to easily use this serial number.

First, you can enter it into the Vericann™ search box and hit search. For the example above, just enter the serial in the search box:

Then if that serial is allocated, then you will receive all the information available on the product. You can try it yourself below.

Search for your Vericann™ ID:

There is also a quicker and simpler way using a one step authentication process by simply adding the serial number to the end of the default Vericann™ URL.

This way, the information you want is just one step away at all times and in all places. 

This is a huge benefit to physicians, pharmacists and patients all who need to know precisely what what is in the products they are taking.

So when you’re next looking at a cannabis product, see if the product has a Vericann™ Certified Product holoserial on it. It’s your guarantee of cannabis quality.