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Vericann™ has recently engaged with LGC Standards, a global expert in provision of Proficiency Testing schemes to establish an internationally available and consistent cannabis proficiency testing scheme.  

LGC has been looking at the development of the cannabis industry for some time and already provides a range of tests which would be equivalent to the tests required for cannabis analysis.  Mycotoxin analysis, pesticide testing, heavy metals and residue testing are key quality benchmarks for many food and environmental schemes currently and translate well into a cannabis Proficiency Testing scheme.

Vericann™ which is now working with a number of laboratories in the cannabis testing field has engaged with LGC to futher define and refine the tests to be offered and to assist in the procurement products to be used in the testing.  The range of tests would cover cannabinoid testing and potency testing along with terpene quantitation and other related tests.

Cannabis material is expected to be sourced locally in Australia and then distributed nationally and internationally through LGC’s proficiency testing partner in Australia.

Vericann™ is currently taking expressions of interest from cannabis testing labs worldwide in potentially participating in the new PT scheme which it is hoped will be up and running by mid 2019.  

Furter information: 

For further information, contact Vericann™ using the contact form on the front of our website, or email info@vericann.cc