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Vericann™ launches cannabis product quality, traceability and information platform

December 4, 2018

Less than a week before the industry gathers in Vancouver for a major cannabis conference, an Australian cannabis quality management startup, Vericann™, has launched its online platform showcasing a quality framework which will address the issues of quality, provenance, traceability and ingredients information.

On a day where major US Alcohol Association, WASA announced support for a federal cannabis legalisation framework, the Vericann™ platform has come to the party, addressing key recommendations of WASA’s cannabis policy.

Vericann™ Managing Director, Andrew Heath, was pleased with the developments as it showed that the industry was quickly recognising and responding to the issues of quality and information access for cannabis users.

“Three of the main points of the WASA policy could be  directly addressed by use of the Vericann™ platform,” Mr Heath said. These are:

  • Testing of formulas to ensure product purity and consistency;
  • Labeling requirements that include potency and health requirements;
  • Regulations that ensure all products in market can be tracked/traced to source processor/producer

Vericann™ is working with Testing Laboratories to assure the quality of testing labs and verify capabilities.  Manufacturers who have their products tested through Vericann™ Certified Laboratories have access to online provenance and quality information which Vericann™ makes easily accessible to the general public.

“Once a product batch is tested and quality data verified, it is then published online through our website and also on the ethereal blockchain ensuring the information is verifiable and can’t be changed or tampered with. Products in that meet strict quality requirements are able to be then provided with unique serial numbers which are added to each product either directly through allocation of serials to manufacturers and are printed or access to secure holographic Vericann Certified Product labels.”

Use of the allocated serial numbers will provide one step verification of quality, provenance and ingredients as end users can instantly enter the product serial on the Vericann™ site and know exactly what it is they are getting and where it has come from.

Vericann™ will be meeting with prospective Canadian and US cannabis testing labs at the O’Cannabiz Conference in Vancouver, BC from December 9 to 11.

For more information, contact Vericann™ on email at info@vericann.cc.