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Vericann’s Overview of Medicinal Cannabis Labelling: TGO93 v3 Guidelines

In the ever-evolving realm of medicinal cannabis, staying informed about labelling requirements is paramount. Vericann has meticulously compiled a document titled “Medicinal Cannabis Labelling requirements to TGO93,” offering a crucial overview for industry players. This Vericann summary distils the essentials of the complex regulatory landscape, particularly in Australia, where compliance with Therapeutic Goods Order 93 (TGO93) is vital.

Key Highlights from the Vericann Summary:

  1. In-depth Label Content Analysis: The report delves into the specifics of what must be included on medicinal cannabis labels as per the current TGO93 effective July 2023. This encompasses important details like the product’s identity, manufacturer’s information, storage instructions, and comprehensive ingredient breakdown. The emphasis on clarity about active constituents is particularly critical for both regulatory adherence and consumer transparency.
  2. Rigorous Quality Control Emphasis: Vericann’s summary underscores the significance of aligning with TGO91 and the Poisons Standard (SUSMP) for maintaining high safety standards. It elaborates on the necessity of stringent quality control measures, highlighting how crucial it is for producers to include detailed cautionary statements and information like poisons’ signal words to ensure consumer safety.
  3. Accessible Design Recommendations: A key aspect of the document is its focus on label design and accessibility. Vericann’s insights shed light on the importance of making labels readable and user-friendly, with practical tips on font size, contrast, and the use of QR codes for extended product information. This approach is essential for serving a broad consumer base effectively.

Get Your Free Copy of the Report:

This is just a snapshot of the valuable insights found in Vericann’s full report – there is much more to uncover. To dive deeper into the medicinal cannabis labelling regulatory framework and ensure your compliance with TGO93, request your free copy of the complete report by entering your email below.


This comprehensive guide, authored by Andrew Heath, is an indispensable resource for anyone in the medicinal cannabis industry. Email us now to secure your copy and elevate your understanding of cannabis product labelling.